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Driveway Sealing

Polymer – Modified Asphalt Sealer

Premium Quality Rubberized Sealer

We use Rubber, because sand breaks down. The rubber goes on thicker! 1 pound per 5 gallons of sealer Add Years to the life of your driveway!


DRIVE-BY DRIVEWAY JOBS: A contractor knocks on the door and offers to sealcoat your asphalt driveway on the spot. He fails to mention that he’ll be using low quality sealant, thinner spray on application and won’t pressure wash before sealing.

HOW TO SPOT IT: Sealcoat is an emulsion of coal tar or asphalt, water, and a fine aggregate like silica clay. If the man at your door doesn’t have a tank that’s actively mixing the sealcoating material, send him on his way. Other tip-offs include out of state license plates, claims that he can only do it “today”.

DOING THE JOB RIGHT: Sealcoating helps protect the underlying pavement from air, sunlight, salts, and petroleum products. It also prevents water from turning hairline cracks into bigger ones. The aggregate in the mix enhances traction, acts as a wear layer, and fills small cracks.
Sealcoating gives the driveway a more uniform black color.



Weather Proofing:
The accumulation of moisture in pavement structures is the greatest cause of pavement damage. A quality sealing application prevents water seepage into the porous asphalt.

Prevents Oxidation:
Regular sealing applications shield against the harsh effects of the sun which can cause cracking and deterioration.

Sealing Saves Money:
Asphalt, a petroleum based product has tripled in cost. For just cents per square foot, a quality seal-coat application can protect your investment and prevent costly repairs.

Rubber Makes a Difference

Polymer Modification Makes The Difference.

PMCTS incorporates the use of proven polymer technology. Elastomeric polymers are hot blended into PMCTS during the manufacturing process to produce a coating with added toughness, flexibility, adhesion, and weather resistance. Unlike conventional sealers that require dilution of up to 50% with water, PMCTS’s unique formulation allows for application at strength without dilution. PMCTS is job mixed with specially graded rubber to produce a coating that is applied at 55%-57% solids, compared to conventual sealers which are applied at approx. 40%-43% solids. PMCTS’s high level of rubber loading produces a surface coating with exceptional skid resistance in both wet and dry conditions. PMCTS provides property owners with a safer pavement for both motorist and pedestrians.

Specialty Surfactants Provide Water Resistance.

One of the leading culprits of pavement sealer wear is absorption of water into dried sealer film. Specialty Surfactants are blended into PMCTS during the manufacturing process to produce a coating with exceptional water resistance and greatly enhanced wear characteristics.

PMCTS Surpasses Federal and ASTM Specifications.

PMCTS far exceeds the composition and performance standards of ASTM D5727, RP 355e, ASTM D-3320-74T, U.S. Air Force and F.A.A. Specifications.